Certifications and Licenses

I currently possess 4 AWS Certifications & N1 Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Websites & Web Apps

Full Stack Development

In this section I post my current and finished projects related to ReactJS, AI, ML, JavaScript, WordPress, etc. Including full stack development and experiments.

Cloud & Web Developer

Youtube Tutorial Series

This is a personal YouTube channel where I do my best to post a weekly tutorial often related to AWS, Web Development, and Technology discussion.

Unity 3D - C#

Video Games Development

In this section I post the videogame projects I have finished and others are still under development.

Epace Zen

Children Youtube Show

Epace Zen is a YouTube show for Children that is a collective work of 4 people.  This is an ongoing love project that has currently 4000+ Subscribers on YouTube.  I'm in charge of video editing, animation, 3d modelling, visual and sound effects etc.

Videos, Promotionals, Documentaries.

Click here to watch a few of my previous work.

While becoming a Naturopathic Doctor in Australia I worked in the Yoga industry with ephasis on eLearning courses. I created hundreds of videos for Yoga classes,  promotional materials, and Youtube videos.

Posters, Flyers, Printed Media, Certs.

Photoshop - Illustrator

In this section I post a collection of my work on graphic design of promotional materials for previous employers. I am highly proficient with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.