(2020) Storify (ReactJS, Firebase DB, AWS Amplify EC2, OpenAI GPT-2)

GitHub Repo HERE

Web application that allows users to contribute to a written story. An AI GPT-2 model also contributes to the story depending on the content of it.

  • Developed a Full Stack Responsive Web Application for creating collaborative stories alongside other users and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Engineered database to save and persist stories, users, contributions, likes and images uploaded. Continuously integrated and deployed with GitHub and AWS Amplify.
  • Tech Stack: ReactJS, Firebase, AI GPT2, Bootstrap, AWS Amplify, Ubuntu, Apache, Flask & EC2.

(2020) MovieM8s (ReactJS, Firebase Database)

GitHub Repo HERE

A responsive App with IMDB and Tinder features that allows you to swipe right to save a movie you like in your database.

  • Engineered a Tinder mechanic of swipe left/right for each movie presented in ReactJS.
  • Saved the selected movies by the user in Firebase Database.
  • Deployed to AWS Route 53/Amplify/CloudFront. CI/CD deployment with GitHub and AWS Amplify.
  • Tech Stack: ReactJS, Bootstrap, Firebase Database.

(2020) Gamer Guess (HTML,CSS,JS, Firebase Database, AWS S3, Route 53, CloudFront)

GitHub Repo

Responsive Web Application that challenges users to recognise retro game box art in the least amount of tries.

  • Developed and implemented game mechanics of a box art guessing game including point system, and leader board which is saved in firebase and displayed on front end “Leaderboard”.
  • CI/CD to AWS using Amplify and CloudFront through Github. Domain name setup through AWS Route 53 plus AWS Certificate Manager for SSL. Tech Stack: HTML,CSS, JavaScript & Firebase Database.

(2020) GG Weather (React JS, Firebase Database, AWS Amplify)

GitHub Repo

Full stack responsive web application that gives video game suggestions depending on the user’s current location weather. Rakuten Rapid API.

  • Continuously integrated and deployed with GitHub and AWS Amplify.
  • Developed backend database setup, connection and usability using Firebase Database.
  • Tech Stack: ReactJS, Open Map Weather API, RAWG API, Bootstrap, SCSS, Firebase.

(2020) FlyingBee Truck Stops (ReactJS, Redux, Postgres DB, Heroku)

GitHub Repo HERE

Responsive Web Application that finds truck stops on the USA map based on geo location, amenities and other filters.

  • Developed and implemented using ReactJS and Redux for state management.
  • Postgres Database for data storage and deployed with CI/CD using GitHub on Heroku.

(2020) Simon Game (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

GitHub Repo

Simon will give the first signal. (This is the only signal Simon will give you until the end of the game. It will not repeat the signals you play.)

• Repeat that signal, and add one more.

• Repeat the first two signals, and add one more.

• Continue to repeat and add to the sequence for as long as you can!

(2020) PONG (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

A retro inspired clone of the legendary retro game.  This was implemented with Vanilla JS using the Canvas element.

GitHub Repo

(2020) OpenAI GPT-2 Text Generator API Client (AWS S3, JS, CSS, HTML)

Web application that allows users to interact with OpenAI GPT-2 API.  The user can input a paragraph and GPT-2 with generate coherent text based on it.  I made this App in one of my video tutorials available HERE.

GitHub Repo HERE

(2020) Pokemon PokeDex (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

A small project asynchronous JS to fetch the public Poke API and using JS and CSS to format the cards.

GitHub Repo HERE

(2020) Bubble Sort Algorithm Visualisation (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AWS S3)

In this project I implemented the Bubble Sort Algorithm as well as a visual animation of the process of sorting randomised values.

GitHub Repo HERE

(2020) Drum Kit set (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

A small project using callback functions that allow the input of mouse clicks and keyboard key presses to play sounds and animations of different kinds of drums.

(2020) Roll Dice Mini Game (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

A small project that rolls 2 die and decide the outcome based on random rolls.  The die roll every time the page is refreshed.

(2019) Jaus of Happy Karma (WordPress)

Haus of Jappy Karma is a YouTube channel hosted by a health and well being enthusiast with over 10000+ subscribers.  This website was created by me as part of her social media and web presence in 2019.

(2018) Epace Zen (WordPress)

Epace Zen is a YouTube show for children that me and 3 more people have been working on for a few years. It currently have 4000+ subscribers.  Among my responsibilities was creating and support the channel and website.  The website is constantly under development.

(2017) My Health Association (WordPress)

My former employer tasked to to create a website to support new and current customers of this Insurance service for natural health practitioners.  This website was created entirely by me.

(2016) My Health Yoga TV (WordPress)

As part of my former job I created the back end of this website which hosts Yoga classes online. I created the membership system, payments systems, and video classes management.  Additionally all video classes and video promos up to Aug 2018 were edited by myself.

My Health Yoga TV - Newsletters (HTML5, CSS3)

As part of my former job I created monthly and seasonal Newsletters which were sent by email to our database hosted on Mail Chimp and also hosted on the website which I created and maintained. This is an example from 2017.