Posters & Flyers

Here are some posters and flyers I created. These were used for web advertising and also for printed media (Magazines and Posters).  Software used Photoshop & Illustrator.

My Health Yoga 3D Logo Design in Cinema 4D.

I converted the apple logo of the business into a 3D model in Cinema 4D to which I gave a spinning animation as well. I used this animation to close many of the videos I produced in the business.

DVD Sleeves

A series of 4 DVDs were produced by me including the art design of the DVD sleeves. Software used Photoshop & Illustrator.

Certificates, Class Passes, and Others

Here are a couple example of certificates of achievement made by me and also Yoga class passes which were printed for sales and manual distribution. Software used Photoshop & Illustrator.